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Flash Clock and Calendar

As you can see the widget combines clock and calendar. You don't have to install aclock or calendar separately on your web page or blog. All you need is to incorporate the HTML code of this gadget to that of your own web page and enjoy the results. Moreover, some additional options are available. For instance, you can easily change the color background. You can use three different skins. It is also possible to fit the wdget to the web page changing its width. You can receive the widget's code following the link below.

Calendar for blog

Here is very nice and pleasant calendar for site. It is pretty and at the same time very useful thing for the everyday life. It has a very simple, but creative design. This widget is familiar to and ordinary paper calendar, which we can meet practically on every office table. Due to its blue color this widget looks really attractive.

This original widget will surely decorate any blog or web page. Besides it will be no trouble with its installation. Simply copy the widget's code to the clipboard and paste it in he HTML code of yor page in a required place.

Have a look at one of our widgets for websites:

JS calendar free for website

JS calendar is one of the most popular widgets for websites. It is inevitable for everyone, who is used to evaluating his time. The main advantage of this website widget is its calm design, that will not bother while surfing the net or working. It was created in calm and peaceful pink and gray colors. This calendar will help you keep in mind the most important incoming events.
The widget constantly synchronizes with the Internet time and date servers so it always reflects the correct date. The actual date is marked with red colour and a certain digit. Current month and year are also indicated.
Here it is:

Month calendar for you site

This is a very simple but at the same time useful widget site web, which was created by the website designers for those, who is able to evaluate every moment of his time and tries to keep in mind all important events and dates. By means of this widget you will never forget about your friends’ birthday. Pay additional attention to an unobtrusive colours of this widget. It perfectly suits web pages or blogs with moderate graphics. The widget doesn't distract attention of the visitor from the important page content but at the same time the calendar is easy to find if necessary.

Have a look at its pleasant design and efficiency:

One day calendar

Here is another variant of calendar, which is among our widgets for website. It is created in a very stylish and modern design. It is made with using violet, deep blue and white colors which make it very attractive and up to date. Moreover this calendar is very efficient. You can click on this website widget and check the upcoming dates, holidays and important occasions. A compact design of this widget doesn't require much free space on the web page. And with the built-in function of a reminder you will never miss any important event. Your friends will be amazed on how well-informed you are.

Have a look at this nice calendar: